Michigan's Premier Dry Ice Detailer !

Michigan’s Premier Dry Ice Detailer !

Preserve the Beauty,
Enhance the Value

Now Booking for Spring 2023

Every Detail Counts

Whether you’re a collector, enthusiast, restorer or all of the above, CRYO CLEAN AUTOMOTIVE understands the importance of your motor vehicle because we’re enthusiasts ourselves!  We sweat the details.  We’ll treat your vehicle as if it’s our own, employing state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and practices that ensure the job is done right.

Why Dry Ice Cleaning?

Classic luxury car


Enjoy more motoring time with less downtime versus conventional undercarriage cleaning/detailing

Beautifully restored1952 Silver Nash


Retain and restore original equipment in your investment or cherished collectible

Luxury Roadster Well-Maintained


Increase your vehicle’s value during stewardship or to potential buyers when listed for sale or auction

Eco-friendly dry ice auto cleaning


A thorough clean without any water, degreasers or other caustic fluids

The Official and Exclusive Dry Ice Detailing Provider to the